To Bob, Randy,

“Just a note to say that I was so pleased with the service person who cared for my lawn and for the original meeting with Bob. Thank you for both courtesy and caring service.”

St. Paul, MN

“Jon and I have been very happy with the way Organic Bob has transformed our little lawn this summer! We’ve tried so many different different things over the 25 years we’ve lived here, always with disappointing results. We expected you to improve the appearance and health of our lawn, but we didn’t think it would ever look as good as it does right now, and we certainly didn’t expect to see results this quickly. Most  importantly, you gave us a beautiful lawn without using anything that’s harmful to the environment; living as close as we do to Lake Harriet, that’s always been a high priority for us. Thank you, Organic Bob!”

Susan B, Linden Hills Resident
Minneapolis, MN

“After re-seeding our very shady front yard, we weren’t sure what it would take to keep the grass growing and the weeds under control. Conventional chemical treatment seemed like the simple answer, but we didn’t feel good about the negative impact on people, animals, and a city lake just blocks from our home. Enter Organic Bob! The combination of organic fertilizer, top dressing, over-seeding, and compost tea has made it surprisingly easy for us to maintain a beautiful yard in an environmentally responsible way. So pleased!”

Keren P, Linden Hills Resident
Minneapolis, MN

In spring 2013, my wife Kate and I hired Organic Bob to plant organic sod between our front sidewalk and the snow emergency route in front of our house. This area had previously been a mixture of weeds and grass. Because of road salt and dog use, it is a tough place to grow lawn. We also hired Organic Bob to fertilize (with organic fertilizer) and reseed the rest of our modest-sized, shady lawn. After 15 months, we could not be happier with the results: an 80-90% reduction in extent of weeds, 95% in the resodded area: a beautiful green lawn with no herbicide use at a reasonable price. Thanks, Organic Bob!”

Dave Zumeta, retired Executive Director
Minnesota Forest Resources Council
Promoting sustainable forest management and protection